Mumbai Offshore Block



AWEL is currently assessing the hydrocarbon potential within Block MB-OSN-2005/2, located at Surat Depression area of Mumbai Offshore Basin. We have already drilled one exploratory well and are planning for Phase-2 exploration to commence soon. AWEL was awarded the block as part of the NELP-VII Bid Round. At the time of award, the block has been covered by 830 L km 2D seismic data. Subsequent to award, AWEL acquired 1196 Sq. Km. of state of the art 3D Q-marine seismic data in the block. The block is located close to ONGC’s B-12 field, the development of which has been fast-tracked. Early indications point to the occurrence of gas-bearing reservoirs within the Sandstones of Mahuva and Daman formations. Additional prospectivity may also be present in the deeper Panna Formations which are envisaged to be high pressured and high temperature